Saturday, October 6, 2012

here's how it'll go...

i am all finished. all moved out, all goodbyes said, all little tears cried and ready to go home. it has been a heavy, emotional, crazy last few weeks, and i am finally ready. but first! on monday the 8th of october, matt and i leaving vanuatu and taking a trip to southeast asia...a little tour around bangkok, thailand; cambodia, and vietnam. a couple of weeks filled with massages, spicy food, and seeing incredible temples. we'll be in bangkok for about 5 days, cambodia for a week, and have a three day weekend in vietnam before heading back to the states on october 24th.

then i'll head to colorado to spend five days with mollie and dan, and then back to ohio for a week and a half to see friends and family in that familiar state. but then. the big news. i got a job in new york city, working with success academies in teacher development work. i am beyond excited. matt is planning to back to school for nursing, and in november, we are planning to look for a place together in brooklyn. a HUGE change from his tiny hut and island of emae and from my little capital city of 30,000, but one that is about as wonderful as i could have hoped. and matt is handling it just about perfectly. i feel so lucky. 

so, on to another feels like i was just doing this...time passes so quickly. and now that we'll be out of the "land of the worst internet ever" (aka vanuatu), blogging will be much easier. so i'll do much better about updating this blog (especially so my mom and dad can see : ) so now you know. lots of love for the last time from my little island nation.

Monday, September 17, 2012

oh! one more thing...

aren't these guys gorgeous? i can't even get over it. 

my two favorite sisters in new york. and next time they're together i'll be there too!

the best, i tell you, the absolute best. xo

barack would've been very proud, i do believe

a last kava with jake . the next time i see him, we'll be on the other side (in the u.s. of a, that is).

we're getting down to the wire. i depart t minus three weeks from today. three weeks! eeeek!

thanks for the photos, megan burrows. you are better at cameras than me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

fijian pig roast

on saturday afternoon, we met at our peace corps doctor's house. nelsine is fijian and her family prepared "lovo", which is a traditional cooking style in fiji that puts meat straight into the ground with hot stones, a little salt, and lots of burlap sack and pulls it out all tender and smokey and delicious.
thanks again, nelsine! what a fun afternoon!

p.s. some of the boys got up early in the morning to kill the 10 chickens and 2 pigs we ate...and plucked off all of their feathers (look at all those feather!).
poor tasty little guys...

and thanks again for photos, gaea + jason...turns out i should have used my camera more last week...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the barge.

as a tradition for peace corps volunteers in vanuatu during the close of service conference, our staff rents out a barge (see it the second picture below) and we motor around the island, singing karaoke and enjoying each others' company. it is also a chance for us to get fancy and remember what we usually look like... or looked like in a former life that had clean feet.

Monday, September 10, 2012

close of service conference

last week, everyone that landed on this tiny island nation with me exactly two years ago today came together for one final conference before we start shipping out in a few weeks. a chance to reflect and say goodbye and think about what our futures hold. it really feels like the end now, which makes lots of sense, considering it is only 28 days away.
and in case you were wondering...this is what i was doing two years ago today:
it went so quickly.
*all of these photos were stolen...thanks gaea + jason and amanda!